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Custom Product Development


If you have a problem or opportunity, no matter what your industry, we’d love the chance to talk further with you about finding a solution.

Our new arm, Safearth Solutions, was established to turn your challenges or ideas into positive outcomes. With the design and manufacturing capability of our own team, and a network of other collaborators, we can come up with the perfect solution for you.

Product concepts are sometimes clear from the beginning, other times they stem from our consultation on complex technical problems. Our expertise in R&D, as well as rapid prototyping and production, gives us the confidence to tackle any problem you may be facing.


Our experience

Our skills in product development stem from developing tools to help in our own practice. We understand the realities and pressures of commercial concerns and bring experience from consulting across industries.

In our iterative design process, you can be involved a great deal or just a little. You can enter into a partnership with us for your product development too if so desired. It’s all up to you.


We always welcome new challenges, wether they’re in our industry or completely new to us, like our ICU ventilator project for the NSW Government. So, get in touch via our contact page, or the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!