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The operating environments of industrial sites including smelters, refineries, materials handling and process plants can present challenges for achieving safety and reliability as earthing outcomes. Such sites present risks to earthing system performance that include upgrades and modification projects, regular maintenance, and substances that can degrade earthing components. This, coupled with often large numbers of workers exposed to electrical systems and need for maximising operational reliability requires a clear focus on appropriate earthing design, testing and ongoing management.

How we help

Our expert team can help whether it is through design and commissioning of new facilities, audit or assessment of existing facilities, or simply advising on what should be done to adequately supervise earthing performance. Our staff have worked across telecommunications assets, ports, mineral and other processing plants, defence, aviation, smelting and refining sites. Safearth’s first class approach will ensure cost effective design and construction of new systems, provide assurance for existing systems, and practical solutions for improvements where required.