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You operate in a challenging business environment:  global competition, intense public scrutiny and fluctuating demand.  Your physical environment is just as challenging:  remote locations and extreme temperature.

Your environment presents unique problems for electrical systems in this industry. In a remote location, losing power can shut down entire production. In coal mines, ignition is a constant danger. And applying industry standards can be a challenge, particularly when they are written primarily for one region, or one type of mining.

How We Help

You need a responsive supplier who understands your environment and delivers reliable service. We have a large team on call, so can scale up support for larger projects.  With offices in Perth and Newcastle, we can have someone out to your site fast.

When you need regulatory approval for your earthing systems, we work through the process with you, from beginning to end. We helped develop the AS3007 and AS2067 standards, so we know exactly what you need.


Consulting World-class earthing expertise, available to suit your specific needs.
Training Public and customised courses in earthing theory and practice.
Instruments Award-winning test instruments to help you manage your earthing system.
Software Easy to use programs for earthing analysis and design.

 Our Specialist Team

  • Benton Greive

    BEng, BBus, MIEAust, CPEng, NER, RPEQ #25014

    Consulting Engineer

    • Consultant
    • Key Industries:
      • Mining (Team Leader)
      • Utilities
      • Oil & Gas
      • Construction
  • Ian McLagan

    Diploma (Elec Eng)

    Earthing Consultant

    • Design
    • Testing
    • Consulting
    • Key Industries:
      • Mining
      • Industrial
      • Oil & Gas
      • Utilities