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Gas Utilities

Gas pipelines often run alongside the power grid. Therefore awareness of electrical hazards, and a plan to mitigate them, is critical to prevent dangerous situations for gas utility workers and the general public.

Hazards arise all too easily, and can lie undetected. Long insulated metallic gas pipelines are extremely susceptible to low frequency induction (LFI), when installed parallel to high-voltage power lines.

Specific challenges that gas utilities face include:

  • sharing easements with power utilities
  • managing legacy pipeline networks
  • decreasing the separation between gas and power networks.

How we help

Your operators and maintenance personnel need to be safe at all times. You can’t afford to have outside parties, like new power system developments, adding unacceptable risks to your industry assets and staff. The integrity of your gas pipeline is vital.

At Safearth, we have the experience in the gas network field to know exactly where you’re coming from, and what you need. We have a thorough understanding of the risk-based standard, applicable to your industry (AS4853). And we verify our results, and base our designs, on real test data obtained in the field — not just on theoretical models and simulations.