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Tunnelling & Roads

Transport infrastructure projects have formidable earthing challenges.  You’re facing complex interactions between construction power and permanent electrical supplies. Reliable electrical supply is vital for underground operations, including ventilating and draining the sites.

Apart from the intense project timeframe pressures, there’s a new project team every job. Each person brings new experiences, expectations and understanding to the job — and each one needs to know about the earthing requirements on your project.

These challenges are compounded by regulation. Each jurisdiction’s supply authority imposes its own requirements. You are expected to adapt for each new project.

How we help

Safearth is the most experienced tunnel earthing provider in Australia. We have an outstanding record of success and happy customers on these projects, including the Lane Cove Tunnel in Sydney, the Clem7 in Brisbane, and the Eastlink tunnel in Melbourne.

We help you tackle earthing challenges to get power supply online on time. We meet with personnel from all the disciplines you’re working in, be they structural, mechanical, electrical or accounting.

Safearth has good working relationships with many supply authorities, and we know how to navigate the various contexts and constraints for you.