“Many thanks to Safearth for a highly engaging day of training on grounding, which was very relevant for our Electrical Safety Authorities in ABB and well received by everyone who attended!!!”

Gregory S. Leslie, Global Electrical Safety Manager, ABB

Safearth are a leading provider of training services in the areas of grounding and lightning protection.

If you or your team need a better understanding of grounding risk, or need to learn how to design and test grounding systems, then we can assist.

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Available Courses

Safe Grounding Systems: Understanding, Designing & Testing – 3 Day Training Course

This grounding training course is an intensive program in fundamental grounding principles and the practice of grounding system design and testing. It has been developed and is delivered by leading specialists in grounding, all with significant utility experience and a sound understanding of real-world power systems.

Participants will develop an understanding of the science behind grounding, the mechanisms through which grounding does its job, or which grounding-related hazards and risks are created, and an ability to manage those risks through effective design, testing and supervision.

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Earthing System Testing Training

Safe Grounding Systems: Fundamentals of Temporary Protective Grounding – 2 Day Training Course

The condition of temporary protective grounds is very important. What about their arrangement? What about their testing? What about the points we connect them to?

The second cause of electrical deaths in the industry is directly a result of your understanding of the hazards associated with temporary protective grounding. Come and learn about how temporary protective grounding really works, and how to ensure it is ready to protect you if something goes wrong.

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Introduction to Grounding Integrity Testing – 1 Day Training Course

Understand the importance of testing grounding system condition and know how to best achieve it.

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Custom Earthing Training

Custom Training Courses

Safearth can develop a training program to suit your company’s specific needs.

  • Grounding awareness
  • Classroom and/or site
  • Safety training videos
  • Standards training

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Why Safearth Training?

If you attend a Safearth training course, you won’t just be sitting through a lecture. Engagement and audience participation are key to our approach. We present complex grounding topics in ways you and your workers will understand. We develop videos, animations and physical demonstrations to ensure topics are addressed in the most relevant and practical ways, so you will develop a much better understanding.

At Safearth, we train the experts. When it comes to grounding, and electrical interactions like induction and EMC, people often don’t realize how much they don’t know. We can change that, and equip you for your specific needs and challenges. We’ve been running training for many years and trained hundreds of people, so we understand your industry, situation, and needs.

Our team of capable trainers is on call, so we’ve always got the people we need to run the course you need.

There are many reasons why one of our training courses could be right for you:

  • Your staff need to know more about grounding because it’s related to their job.
  • Your non-electrical staff might be exposed to grounding related risks, such as substation construction.
  • You may have complex assets with many electrical systems that can interact in negative ways, unless particular controls are used.
  • Regulatory requirements change – we can get you up to date with the latest standards (we’ve helped develop them!)

We are regularly running Public Courses and can also develop Custom Courses to suit your specific needs.

Custom Training Courses

We develop fully customized training courses, with a range of delivery methods, from video or in-person lectures to on-site practical training.

We can create a training program to suit your specific needs:

  • General Grounding Awareness (various options, 30 min to 1 day)
  • Construction safety – ensure workers are safe during major projects or maintenance
  • In response to an identified hazard/near miss/incident
  • To upskill your staff, for example, so they can understand and assess what your grounding consultants are telling you
  • Staff training to learn about a regulation, standards, or ‘best practice’ change
  • To learn a new or better way of doing things, such as testing

You can rely on us to do an excellent job in the preparation and delivery of your custom course.

Please contact us using the form or contact details below to discuss your specific requirements.