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Safe Grounding Systems: Understanding, Designing & Testing (3-Day Training Course)

(APPLY NOW! (Akron, Ohio March Attendance is Full) (Reading, Pennsylvania June 18-20 Space Available)

This is the premier grounding training course in North America – an intensive program in fundamental grounding principles and the practice of grounding system testing and design.

Participants will develop an understanding of the science behind grounding, the associated mechanisms that lead to grounding-related risk, and an ability to manage them through effective testing and design.

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Earthing System Testing Training

Safe Grounding  (2 days)

Date TBC.

Systems: Fundamentals of Temporary Protective Grounding

The condition of temporary protective grounds is very important. What about their arrangement? What about their testing? What about the points we connect them to?

The second cause of electrical deaths in the industry is directly a result of your understanding of the hazards associated with temporary protective grounding. Come and learn about how temporary protective grounding really works, and how to ensure it is ready to protect you if something goes wrong.

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Grounding Integrity Testing (1 day)

Date TBC.

Understand the importance of testing grounding system condition and know how to best perform it efficiently and economically.

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Custom Earthing Training

Custom Training Courses

Date TBC.

Safearth can develop a training program to suit your company’s specific needs.

  • Grounding awareness
  • Classroom and/or site
  • Safety training videos
  • Standards training

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