CS3 – Grounding System Integrity Tester

Safearth CS3 site continuity meter is an industry-leading milliohm meter ground tester for measuring the integrity and electrical continuity of grounding systems, electrical structures, lightning protection systems and more.

The integrity of a grounding system is critical to its effectiveness as the prime reliability and safety mechanism of an electrical installation. Measuring the electrical continuity of earthing conductors in a power installation, such as a high voltage (HV) substation, is a necessary verification test of the earthing system condition.

The difference between an effective and ineffective ground connection could be as small as a few mΩ. A 1kA fault through a 10mΩ joint results in 10kW of heat, which could immediately destroy the connection, and result in an extremely hazardous scenario.

CS3 Usage

The CS3 is a milli-ohmmeter that measures the DC resistance between a main grounding point and other metallic structures in an installation, enabling integrity testing four times faster than traditional methods.

It has the unique capability of overcoming electrical noise, yet still providing continuity measurements within an in-service grounding system. It is now possible to detect potentially compromised earth connections in an efficient, cost-effective way.

The award-winning CS3 represents the culmination of years of research and experience. Safearth has developed the CS3 to meet the needs of grounding system installers, in-service inspectors and ground testers.

“Kudos to your company for designing a great device. We were able to identify (and verify) some questionable grounds at one of our substations. I would like to purchase another unit.”

CS3 Continuity Meter Kit

Key Specifications

Resistance Measurement Method: 4-Wire
Max Lead Length: 600′
Measured Resistance Range: 0.1mΩ – 10Ω
Measurement Time: 3s (Normal), 6s (Max)
Single Charge Usage Time: 24 hours


“The unit is very well designed and it was fun to use. Setup takes very little time and it is very efficient, even with one person doing the work.”


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