Safe Grounding Systems: Fundamentals of Temporary Protective Grounding – 2 Days Training Course

The condition of temporary protective grounds is very important. What about their arrangement? What about their testing? What about the points we connect them to?

The second cause of electrical deaths in the industry is directly a result of your understanding of the hazards associated with temporary protective grounding. Come and learn about how temporary protective grounding really works, and how to ensure it is ready to protect you if something goes wrong.

People working on the electrical system are most at risk. We rely on temporary grounding (PPG/TPG) to give us confidence when working on deenergized buses that the voltage on the bus can’t rise to a dangerous level. And we check that equipment regularly. But in most cases, we don’t check that the connection point is actually adequately connected to the substation grounding system. Why not?

This presentation will give you greater insight into the function of the grounding system, and show you how to make things safer when working on a deenergized substation.

Key questions covered in this presentation

  • What are the hazards? How could the bus be re-energized?
  • What is the consequence of a grounding point failure?
  • What is induction and the associated risk?
  • What is the risk to safety?
  • Can we make it safer?
  • Is there something we can easily do?


This course is available across the USA and Canada or one of our experts will come and deliver this directly to your team.

Dates, Times and Bookings

To talk further about having this presentation at your site, please contact your agent, or contact Safearth directly using the contact details below.