Solve unique problems – Be part of a community

We are always on the lookout for strong analysts and communicators with skills in electrical engineering, computer engineering, or related fields.

We value professionalism, creativity and integrity in the services we offer. Previous grounding experience is not always required – we’re equipped to give you in-depth training in our world-recognised methods and equipment.

What We Offer

We offer you:

  • support to further your career – wherever that takes you
  • opportunities to pursue ground-breaking research and development
  • intellectually rewarding projects
  • the tools you need to work effectively
  • a supportive, close-knit community
  • genuine work-life balance

Read about our culture and values at About Us.

And read below what our people have to say about working with us, or find out more about Safearth.

Working at Safearth

Benton Greive – Consulting Engineer

Before joining Safearth as an electrical consulting engineer, I was looking for a role that would help me grow and take the next step in my career. I also wanted to work with leaders in grounding systems and the power industry, so that I could learn from their experience and expertise.

I really enjoy challenging projects and so far I’ve learned and improved on a bunch of skills, such as the technical and practical aspects of grounding system assessment, design and commissioning. I’ve also learned a lot about working as a consulting engineer and managing projects.

One thing I appreciate at Safearth is the guidance and mentorship I receive from experienced engineers. They know how to ask the tough questions and give clear explanations, both of which help, in their own way, to overcoming the challenges I encounter when completing a project.

Working across a wide range of industries has been a nice surprise too. From power and water utilities to the defence and resource sectors, I enjoy exposure to many different project sites and organisations.

Lastly, I’ve found Safearth to be a family oriented business and that’s something I really appreciate. Of course we work hard, but it’s nice to know that Safearth also values a healthy work-life balance and a happy family life.

Ian Griffiths – Engineer, Software Leader

“I was coming to the end of my Computer Engineering studies when I started looking at jobs. I really wanted rewarding work with challenging problems, but also somewhere I felt good about going each day.

I spoke to a few places, but what decided it for me was the environment at Safearth. It’s full of good people and work life balance is encouraged. You get a real sense that the management are genuinely interested in doing the right thing by you and helping you do your best.

Each project I’ve done has been unique.  You can’t just say ‘we did this last time, so we’ll do it that way now.’ As a computer engineer, I’ve really enjoyed using my skills in developing hardware and software for test equipment. There’s that space to pursue ideas you think might be useful, alongside the day-to-day work. So I’ve been able to satisfy my inner computer engineer, but I’ve still really enjoyed developing the electrical engineer in me with the consulting work that Safearth does.

There are several possibilities for career progression, so I can definitely see a future for me at Safearth.”

Cedric Joyce – Consulting Engineer

“I worked in an electronics company for about 15 years as a computer engineer, designing software for embedded systems. I was looking for somewhere to get me out of the office a bit more, to stretch myself and learn some new skills.

An old colleague told me about Safearth – that it was a small and happening company full of smart people. When I met the management there, I got a real sense they had their finger on the pulse. They see the value of providing employees with top-notch tools to help your work. Things seem to get done more efficiently here.

You feel you’re a part of something here and that your voice is heard. There isn’t an ‘us and them’ attitude between engineers and the admin staff. You all get together.

There’s quite an extensive training program. I’ve been working with electronics for quite some time, but it’s fascinating to see how the theory of magnetic fields and current paths I learnt at Uni gets used. You’ll always be learning, the whole time.”