About Us

Welcome to Safearth

We’re a specialist electrical engineering group providing world-recognised expertise in safe power grounding systems. Safearth delivers comprehensive grounding solutions and management to safeguard people and infrastructure from electrical faults and lightning.  Since being established more than 20 years ago, we’ve designed and tested hundreds of grounding systems for high voltage installations, for power utilities, mines, oil & gas sites, and other industries.


Our Team

With more than 20 degree-qualified specialist engineers, Safearth is one of the largest and most experienced team of grounding engineers in the world.

Senior Staff

  • Stephen Palmer

    BEng, GradCertBA, MIEAust, MIEEE


    • Company Director
    • Trainer (International)
    • Standards Committee Rep.
    • Conference Presenter
    • Key industries: all
  • Dr Darren Woodhouse

    BEng, BMaths, PhD, MIEAust, CPEng, RPEQ

    Training & Education Manager

    • Principal Engineer
    • Lead Investigator
    • Consultant
    • Trainer (International)
    • Conference Presenter
    • Key Industries: all
  • Bill Tocher

    BEng, MIEAust, CPEng, SMIEE

    New Business Manager

    • Director
    • Consultant
    • Trainer (International)
    • Conference Presenter
    • Key Industries:
      • Power Utilities
      • Defence
      • Construction
  • Matthew Bale

    BEng, MBT, MIEAust, CPEng, NER, RPEQ

    Consulting Manager

    • Director
    • Consultant
    • Trainer (International)
    • Conference Presenter
    • Key Industries:
      • Utilities
      • Oil & Gas
      • Construction
  • Ray Palmer

    BEng, MBus, MIEAust, MIEEE

    Products Manager

    • Instruments
    • Software
    • Consulting
    • Trainer (International)
    • Key Industries:
      • Mining
      • Oil & Gas
      • Construction
      • Utilities


Professional Representation

Safearth is proud to serve on many national and international organisations in our field. We contribute to the improving industry standards and the knowledge of these communities, and also ensure our approaches match the world’s best practice. We are represented on the following committees:


  • Cigre Study Committee B3 (Substations)
  • IEEE PES Substations Committee


  • ENA EG-0 (Power System Grounding)
  • AS2067 (Substations and HV Installations)
  • AS3007 (Electrical Installations in Mining)

We have also presented at the following conferences:

  • Cigre and CIRED JWG B3.35 Meeting 2015, Graz, Austria
  • Ceati Grounding & Lightning Workshop, 2014, Niagara Falls
  • Cigre and CIRED JWG B3.35 Meeting 2014, Graz, Austria
  • IEEE PES Substation Meeting, 2014, Portland, USA
  • Cigre SC B3/D1 Colloquium, 2013, Brisbane, Australia
  • CIRED International Conference, 2013, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Australian Mining Electrical Safety Seminars (NSW, QLD), 2014
  • Australian Down to Earth Conference, 2014
  • Engineers Australia MEMMES NSW Conference, 2013
  • Engineers Australia RISK 2014 Conference, 2014


Culture & Values

Fostering Excellence and Innovation

We are “an engineer’s engineering business”. Our team has incredible abilities and ideas, and we strive to create a work environment (both in our workshop and on site) where they can achieve their very best.

We encourage our team to take the next step from having an ‘idea’ by providing a lab and workshop in which they can quickly prototype ideas to see if they are any good. Tight iterative loops of “idea > build it > test it > analyse > develop idea” both result in excellent outcomes, but also encourage our team to always think about improvement. These improvements might come in the shape of new test equipment, a new testing process, better analysis software, or more valuable reports. The mix of technical and practical also results in solutions that will better suit our clients.


Visitors to our head office often compare us to Google. Yes, we have a gym, beer garden, pool table, foozball table, table tennis, lounges and a very good coffee machine. But we also have things like trailers and workshop tools that people can borrow. All of this builds a wonderful sense of community, which flows into our professional services and solutions.


We work with clients, not just for them – this always yields better results

Most of our jobs involve an element of on-site training – we want owners to understand their systems better

We’re open to our clients phoning us up, asking for help or advice.

We firmly believe in sticking to the areas of our expertise (per the Engineers Australia charter), and so we often work in partnership with other engineering service providers in order to deliver the best outcomes.

Commitment to Others

We serve our community by supporting non-profits and charities, as well as our unpaid involvement in industry bodies.