Standards & Policy

We advise utility companies and asset owners on creating and reviewing earthing standards. Our clients have often been following an ad hoc approach up to this point, fragmented across their sites, and need expert help to drive a consistent approach.

We help you protect life and property, meet legal responsibilities, and be more efficient. Issues we investigate include:

  • have the earthing standards kept pace with changing practices and new technology?
  • do the standards address the likely scenarios relevant to their situation?

Being active in Australian and international standards development keeps us up-to-speed with the evolving landscape.

At the same time, we’re deeply pragmatic in our approach. We understand your objectives and constraints.

Specific services

  • Writing complete standards and policies for your group or site
  • Writing policy sections
  • Collaborating with your policy development staff
  • Training your staff to write standards and policies in-house.