Design Services

Safearth Consulting’s earthing designs seek the right solution to protect our clients’ staff, industrial assets, and business operations. A focus on value grounds each design.

We save you time and money by designing earthing systems that are:

  • strategic: we deliver long-term value by identifying and mitigating risks throughout the asset’s life. We also assess opportunities to safely link to existing systems. This may mean the difference between installing a connection or installing a new earthing system.
  • practical: over-specification in the design phase inflates costs in the installation phase. We conduct a thorough needs analysis so that each Safearth design is grounded in actual business requirements.
  • sustainable: we design systems for durability and to enable you to conduct routine testing in-house. Expert testing can then be planned on a five or ten-year cycle, reducing your consultant costs.
  • innovative: we use Safearth’s own software modelling and analysis tools, which we continually refine based on our research and latest test data.

Specific design services

  • Earthing systems
    • Substations and switchyards
    • Distribution
    • Industrial and commercial
  • Lightning protection
  • Surge protection
  • Insulation coordination
  • Protection
  • Fault studies
  • Third party design review