Safearth Instruments Update

Safearth has had an extremely busy past few months, especially within our instrument department. From increasing sales,  products in development and new staff members, here are some of the highlights that we would love to share with you!

CS3 Integrity Tester

We are excited to announce that we have produced our 100th CS3 unit! The CS3 is a specialist earthing/grounding integrity tester that gives you previously unachievable insight into the condition of your earthing/grounding assets. And you can test without needing to take assets out of service. The CS3 is renowned for extremely high reliability and performance, resulting in extremely satisfied customers.

Sales have continued to increase, and we now have more than 50 customers across 7 countries. This is a huge achievement for Safearth.

Cage and Spool solution

Our custom designed cable deployment solution has proven extremely successful. The stainless steel cage is extremely robust, and users are loving the ease in which they can quickly deploy and roll up cable.

Injection Suite Trials

Work is proceeding extremely well on our newest injection testing equipment. Our injection source has undergone extensive field trials with our testing engineers over the past 12 months and is set for release later this year. The performance to date has been very impressive, particularly in electrically noisy environments. Stay tuned for our product launch later this year!

Improved Facilities – We’ve upgraded!

Safearth always strives to continually improve. We’ve recently moved into a new electronics lab, assisting the team in development & testing, with greater design and production space. As well as this, we’ve welcomed two new members to the instrument team, Myles Wellington (previously in our consulting team) and Bachar Bani Marjeh, who had significant experience in his home country of Syria before moving to Australia recently. We are looking forward to further innovation and assistance, with greater staff capacity.