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Fair Use Policy

Safearth Fair Use Policy

Last updated: 11 June 2019 (previous versions)

This contains important information. Please read carefully.

The purpose of our Fair Use Policy is to ensure that all our customers

  • can access the Services; and
  • do not use the Services in a manner that we consider ‘unacceptable’.

In addition, the Fair Use Policy sets out your responsibilities when you use the Services.  It also confirms steps we may take to ensure and monitor compliance with this policy.

It also explains how we provide the Services to you, as well as what steps we take to manage our network in times of congestion.

The Fair Use Policy applies to our Software and all other aspects of the Services and forms part of the Terms of Service ( For definitions of special words in this policy, refer to the Terms of Service.


We want to ensure:

  • Fair access – you can access the Services when you need them
    • We will act reasonably to maintain the availability of the Service
    • We will provide improvements, updates and fixes as we are able
    • We will provide an avenue for you to get support with the Services, noting that the type of support will depend on your tier.
  • Fair price – you pay a reasonable price
    • Ongoing maintenance and development of new features is funded by the community of users, so we want the price to be reflective of the existing and future value that you’ll get from it, and appropriate to your role within the community of users.
    • You need to pay all required fees for the Services purchased by you, prior to the Services being utilised.
    • If we fail to supply the Services for a considerable amount of time, or if we terminate your access to the Services for our convenience, we’ll refund any licence fees pro rata
  • Acceptable use
    • You may not use the service in a manner which is ‘unacceptable’.

Unacceptable use

We consider your use of the Services unacceptable if you use them in a manner which is other than it was intended for.

Here are some examples of uses which we consider ‘unacceptable’:

  • deliberately exceeding the number of users and or designs without contacting us to negotiate a more suitable user tier
  • allowing another person use or knowledge of your Safearth ID
  • sharing downloadable Software with another person
  • providing us with false user information to use the Services
  • contravening any applicable laws when you use the Services
  • accessing or attempting to access or create user accounts (including Safearth IDs) in any way other than the ways we’ve described
  • attempting to circumvent any security measures
  • reverse engineering, decompiling, or attempting to discover source code, algorithms, calculations or file formats.
  • using the Services in a way which interferes or disrupts the Services, any computer system access through it or any other person’s use of it;
  • using the Services to obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorised access to any computer, system or network; or
  • using the Services in a manner designed to compromise the security or interfere with the operation of the Services or any other computer, system or network.
  • removing any product names or other Safearth identifications from the software or associated documentation
  • using the Software’s associated documentation for purposes other than using the Software
  • using the Services in a way other than those described in any related technical documentation
  • copying or modifying any part of the Software, or incorporating the Software into or with other software
  • allowing a third party to do something that we would deem unacceptable use
  • installing Software on more devices that deemed reasonable to use the Services
  • for business use, installation of the Software or use of the Services on personally owned devices
  • distributing, selling, sublicensing, renting, leasing the Software (or any portion thereof) or use of the Services.

Monitoring Compliance

We are under no obligation to monitor your use of our Services.  However, we will from time to time review your use to ensure you are complying with the terms of this policy.

Breach of the Fair Use Policy

If you think we are being unfair, please contact us and let us have a discussion.

If we believe you breached this Fair Use Policy we will generally contact you and, if appropriate, ask you to modify your use of the Services and if appropriate upgrade your user tier. If you do not modify your use of the Services we may suspend or cancel your access to the Services without notice to you. However, in certain circumstances such as illegality, or unacceptable use, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your service immediately and without notice to you. Upon cancellation of an account, we will act reasonably to prevent you losing any data stored on our servers, however we are not obliged to continue to store any files, programs and data associated with the account.

Product Usage Guidelines

a) Streets Distribution Designer

Streets is for your use in the ordinary course of business in accordance with the tier of use you have paid for as follows:

User Tier:SilverGoldPlatinumEnterprise
Organisation type:Occasional usersMid to large usersLarger organisations and specialist earthing designersUtilities and large organisations
Designs per year (per organisation):up to 10up to 20up to 50As agreed
Users (per organisation):up to 3up to 10up to 15As agreed